Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC Hosts the Race for the Kids

Names:  Big- Olivia Castriota Little- Breyanna Neale

Little’s Age: 11

How long have you been matched? 3 Years



What kinds of activities do you most like to do together?

Olivia: We love eating dumplings in Chinatown, running across the Williamsburg Bridge and taking our favorite puggles, Billy and Boo, for walks. One of our favorite memories was seeing Aladdin on Broadway. We definitely share a love for the sweeter things in life, like Snickers. Breyanna says that chocolate completes her.


Breyanna: Last year, we had the opportunity to speak at Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC’s Sidewalks Gala in front of 1,000 guests. I was nervous, but at the end of the day I was able to do the speech and it was amazing! Plus, it was really fun to get dressed up and hangout with celebrities who support the cause, like Agness Hassel and Carmelo Anthony.


Is this your first organized run/walk event together?


Olivia: We participated in Race for the Kids in 2015 and had a blast! Breyanna had a difficult time with the distance, but together we kept going and made it to the finish line like champions. I love running and I actively participate in 10 milers and half marathons. It is really nice to be able to share that passion for running with Breyanna.


Breyanna:  Last year, I struggled with how long the race was. Olivia kept me motivated through the whole race until we crossed the finish line!


What are you looking forward to most about this year’s Race for the Kids event?


Breyanna: I’m looking forward to completing the race and making it to the finish line again, then having the opportunity to participate in Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play activities!


Olivia: I’m excited to get out there and give this race another go and do it even better than last year.


Do you have a favorite Nickelodeon Show?


Breyanna: Henry Danger!


Olivia: Hey Arnold was my favorite show growing up.


Anything else you’d like to share?


Olivia: I am really looking forward to participating in the Race for the Kids again this year. I am also excited to sing the National Anthem to kick things off.


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