Community Spotlight: Wil Cramer

Wil, before your foray into Brooklyn, where did you first get involved with specialty running?

I got my first taste of the specialty running world shopping for running shoes with my dad in middle school. Throughout my journey as a runner I always made sure to shop at my local running store for all my running-related needs. I dove headfirst into running specialty professionally in 2008 when I helped open and worked as the General Manager and “Grand Shoe-bah” at West Stride Running in Atlanta. Been slinging running shoes ever since.



What are you most looking forward to in joining the team at Brooklyn Running Co. and living in NYC?

I’m really excited to learn how a different store operates and to learn how to best serve a new community and customer base. I’m also pumped about all the different elements that BRC has to offer beyond traditional retail, from event production (like the Brooklyn Mile road race) to our new Run Brooklyn Apparel line. As far as living in NYC I’m most looking forward to all the food options available (being able to eat whatever we want is why we run, after all!). I’m also secretly hoping that my burgeoning side career as a dual threat rapper and producer will finally come to fruition.




What is your personal background as a runner, and what are your favorite aspects of the sport?

I’ve run competitively off and on since high school. Since college, most of my running has been focused on road races from 5k to half marathon, but I’ll still dabble on the track when the opportunity presents itself. I haven’t taken the marathon plunge yet (mostly because I’m not ready to give up my life for training) but I’m hoping to give it a go in the near future. My favorite aspects of the sport vary; sometimes I enjoy really pushing myself to see how fast or far I can run, but right now I most enjoy running as a way to explore a new place and to get to know NYC a little better. Holler at a player if you see me in the streets!



What is your favorite pair of running shoes right now?

My favorite pair right now is the New Balance Vazee Pace 2 – especially the dark blue and pink colorway that I just picked up. I’m hoping these will be the shoes that make me want to run fast again. Otherwise I like to dabble in whatever shoe is new and cutting edge. I’m completely brand agnostic – give me a shoe that fits well and feels responsive but a little cushioned and I’m good to go.