Quarentivities with Zach Lacher

Zach Lacher’s Top 10 Quarent-ivities


1: Cook

  • The kitchen can be one the most therapeutic places in your apartment. Wake up, make yourself a home cooked meal. Maybe even something you’ve never tried before? Just don’t start a fire!


2: Be Creative

  • So I have no weights in my apartment, my gym is closed and these gains aren’t going to make themselves.  You ever deadlift a 12 pack of White Claw? Neither have I, until now!


3: Do those chores you were always “ too busy to do”

  • Being so caught in a routine sometimes it’s hard to find time to do those more responsible things we dread doing. One of the things i’ve done during this quarantine is I opened a high yielding savings account (shoutout to the girlfriend for that one).


4: Run

  • IT BRINGS HAPPINESS! GET OUT AND MOVE! (Just make sure its solo).


5: Catch up on every series you ever wanted to binge

  • With the my favorite show Curb Your Enthusiasm recently having it’s season finale, BRING ON TIGER KING!


6: Play with a puppy

  • Meet Wesley. He has been my girlfriend’s dog for the past 7 years and admittedly there has have been times debate of who I give more attention to (Don’t worry Claire, you always win that battle). But nonetheless, petting this bundle of love weather its in quarantine or not brings me joy.


7: Call friends you might’ve lost contact with

  • When things are by society’s standards “normal,” Its very easy to get lost in the sauce. Sometimes I feel like I’ve forgotten friends/ or people that have help me along the way who have helped make the person I am today. It might not seem like much but a simple “Hey how are you,” text can go a long way!


8: Reorganize

  • You’d be surprised at the things you’ll find! The other day while going through things I probably haven’t looked at in years I stumbled across a book that I got autographed by Former All-Star Forward Carmelo Anthony back when I was in middle school. That was sometime between 03-06!


9: Pick up Bartending Skills

  • Per #1, I love to cook so besides great food there’s nothing like a cold refreshing beverage to go with that great food! Evolving in the culinary setting has always been an interest of mine so I have decided to get a bartending set to make my own drinks. Its almost as if Im bringing the drinks from Bar Rescue home with me


10: Reflect

  • Understanding that this too will come to an end. Lately I’ve taken a lot of time understanding that a lot of activities I do have been luxuries not entitlements. Does it suck not being able to pop into Supreme, go to sports events, or being able to pick up a boujee $5 coffee, Yes. But lately I’ve come to realize that being quarantined with none of that has made me appreciate the smaller things in life. When we’re all through this, things will be different.